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The Instagram community fills the new A.S.Magazine

The Instagram community fills the new A.S.Magazine

La Belgique, c’est chique! A.S.Ambassadors reveal Belgium’s unexpected beauty in the new edition of A.S.Magazine

Adventure is found off the beaten track, but you don't have to go far to find it. A.S.Adventure has known for a long time that it can rely on its loyal fans for inspirational images and spot-on travel advice.The online community is in the spotlight in the latest edition of A.S.Magazine. Its freshly printed pages are more than ever filled with personal tips for discoveries at your doorstep.

Online adventure on paper

Long journeys aren’t immediately in prospect, but that doesn't stop A.S.Ambassadors from discovering wonderful places. Because even in your own country, you can be surprised by nature. Just look at the cover of the new A.S.Magazine. Yep! That’s Belgium! And in the rest of the magazine, A.S.Adventure also focuses on its own back garden, and a little beyond it, to inspire its readers.

  • To promote the beauty of our Belgian Ardennes, Martin Dellicourt (40) - nature photographer and a native of the Ardennes - is the best ambassador. From his home in Érezée, he sometime wanders for days through the local forests for that unique encounter with a deer, a fox or a badger. The cover photo of the new A.S.Magazine is also his.
  • The other A.S.Ambassadors have also stayed close to home in recent months. Their photos once again prove that our country is alive with adventure and natural beauty. From the Hotondberg, the highest peak in East Flanders, to the nature reserve De Plateaux-Hageven, from le Tombeau du Géant to the Rode Laak, this is the Belgium at its most beautiful.

Looking for a ray of sunshine in the darkness of these challenging times? A.S.Ambassador Brian Decrop tested the new Ledlenser NEO6R headlight on a nocturnal hiking adventure. First-hand experience doesn’t get more trustworthy!

Get to the shop!

Have you been enthused by the home-grown adventures of the A.S.Adventure community? Then start with a trip to your closest A.S.Adventure Store where, as an Explore More member, you’ll get the A.S.Magazine for free with your purchase. Or take a trip down memory lane in our digital archive where you can browse A.S.Magazine from no. 45 to 50 again.

A.S.Magazine is published four times a year, with a circulation of 150,000 copies and is distributed exclusively among A.S.Adventure customers through over 50 A.S.Adventure Stores.

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