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ICI PARIS XL and Head Office, content at its most beautiful

ICI PARIS XL and Head Office, content at its most beautiful

The Custometer reader survey by ICI PARIS XL and Head Office shows that a multichannel approach pays off. The brand’s Beauty&YOU magazine once again scored highly amongst its customers.

Beauty&YOU, one of Head Office’s many magazines, has been a point of reference for several years. The 76-page magazine, which appears in both online and print versions for the brand’s top customers, brings them the latest beauty trends and original tips in a light and airy format. The magazine is a tangible part of the brand’s 360° approach which focuses on print, CRM, social media, online content, video, etc.

The biennial Custometer reader survey once again confirms that the magazine is loved by its readers. With a high satisfaction score of 8.3/10 in Belgium and 8/10 in the Netherlands, readers are very positive about Beauty&YOU. More specifically, the magazine scores highly both in terms of strong content and attractive design. Major plus points are excellent photography and inspirational trends. Beauty&YOU is considered the perfect source for the latest updates from the world of beauty.

Olivia Devuyst (Brand & Store Concept Manager Benelux ICI PARIS XL) says, “The magazine is a winning combination of beauty and lifestyle, and is fully geared towards our trend-conscious customers. Something confirmed by the good numbers from Custometer.”

The positive results of the research emphasise the importance of print, even in a digital climate where 1 in 6 people read online. Once again, Head Office has proved its position as a successful magazine producer and content creator.

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