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HeadOffice’s Pep in Your Step launches Zespri’s vitality campaign

HeadOffice’s Pep in Your Step launches Zespri’s vitality campaign

How much vitality do Belgians feel like they have? This was the starting point for a new Zespri campaign HeadOffice was managing. And thus, the ‘National Vitality Check’ was born, a large-scale survey that gauges how much pep Belgians have in their step. It was also the start of a strong and integrated content story.

Zespri is trying to gauge the level of vitality Belgians feel using the ‘National Vitality Check’. HeadOffice developed the approach, rolled out the campaign, and took care of further follow-up and optimisation. A questionnaire was set up and presented to 2,000 Belgians. This qualitative questionnaire was developed in cooperation with the iVOX research agency and assessed the mental and physical health of the participants. Some remarkable results from this survey:

  • 3 in 4 Belgians feel good about themselves
  • 65% say they want to exercise/do sports more often
  • 3 in 4 say they want to eat healthier
  • 47% are energised by social interactions
  • 1 in 3 consciously makes time for themselves

Pep in Your Step: the platform to boost your vitality

All the results can be found at Visitors can also take an online self-test on this campaign website to discover and compare their vitality score with the average Belgian. Are you already doing well or is there room for improvement? You will immediately receive personal tips & tricks to boost your vitality.  There is also a vitality competition and visitors can dive into articles tailored to their profile/vitality score. 

With Pep in Your Step, HeadOffice gives Zespri the tools needed to give all Belgians the chance to discover and boost their vitality. The self-test and content were developed using the right insights. HeadOffice did this in an integrated and personal way for the end user.

Distribution via digital, print, social, and PR

The digital media plan includes social media, bannering, and native ads. Native articles were published in Goed Gevoel, Libelle, Feeling, and Plus Magazine, among other printed medium. PR was also involved. The right channels are used to have as many people as possible calculate their vitality score. So that everyone can take steps towards a more energetic, healthy, and fit life.

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