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HeadOffice launches a chatbot for M&M’s® teasing campaign

HeadOffice launches a chatbot for M&M’s® teasing campaign

HeadOffice helps you to search for the new M&M’s® taste

Fans of M&M’s® can start salivating: soon there will be a – temporary – new limited edition available! To create the necessary buzz, HeadOffice devised the FIND THE TASTE campaign. This powerful 360° concept will be actively deployed through a clever interplay of online media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and offline communication via POS materials and on-pack banners.

Yellow helps crack the case

HeadOffice has built a strong and very interactive competition mechanism: Talk with the Yellow M&M® and guess the new taste. Participants receive all sorts of tips from the sympathetic chatbot to find the new taste and earn their chance to become an M&M’s® Ambassador!

“Our chatbot Yellow takes care of interaction via text and animated gifs, and thus appeals to a wide audience.”

Evi Malcorps, client service director HeadOffice

3 winners will become Ambassadors!

Three lucky people who guess the new taste will have the opportunity to be M&M’s® Ambassadors! They will enjoy a host of fun benefits and experiences such as a trip to M&M’s® World in London, cinema tickets and summer experiences with lots of M&M's® gadgets on top. In short, so many reasons to join the search to guess the new taste M&M’s® taste!


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