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HeadOffice incorporates AR in new Samsung device launches

HeadOffice incorporates AR in new Samsung device launches

The innovative new Samsung foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, were introduced to the consumer in a unique way, combining storytelling and the power of the augmented reality experience.

While most tech companies focus on the tech specs of new products, Samsung takes it one step further. The Belgian and Dutch division challenged HeadOffice, a Belgian Content Marketing agency with a strong focus on brand experience, to come up with an out-of-the-ordinary approach that highlights the out-of-the-ordinary features of the new devices. And it delivered. Partnering with AR studio PLAYAR, they created a WebAR experience using the ZapWorks platform that puts the user front and center in the discovery of the new foldables.

Stijn Jacquemyn, Creative Director at HeadOffice: "It's not the features but the experiences they offer that are going to captivate people. Seeing those come to life through AR was very pleasing." 

The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, the multitasking productivity powerhouse, focuses on a seamless unrivalled performance. HeadOffice created three user experiences that show that device owners can watch, work and play in any situation. From the location where the QR code is scanned, they are being transported to a beach, a hotel lounge and their living room.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, the agency embraces the lifestyle of the trendsetter target audience. Capturing their lives on the go, it showcases the advantages of a pocket-size stand-alone smartphone by telling small stories by the pool or in the park with 3D objects.

And last but not least, for the Galaxy Watch4 series (Watch4 and Watch4 Classic), they transport the users to a tennis court or on a bicycle, and demonstrate how the Galaxy Watch4 can check your body composition and blood pressure.

Nathan Grotard, retail marketeer at Samsung Belgium: “We’re really excited with the in-store responses we’ve gotten on the experience. The average time spent in the experience is over 3 minutes, which means customers really get into the AR experience.”

Bas Gezelle, strategy lead at PLAYAR Studio: “The design and user experience of both foldables are excellent and that is brought to life in the AR experience. A seamless high-end experience where the product is discovered through interactive storytelling.”

Max Dawes, Managing Director at Zappar commented: “The Samsung experience clearly demonstrates how innovative brands are getting ahead in the new retail revolution, driving a more seamless and engaging product experience online and in-store.”

The scannable QR codes were communicated through screens, wobblers and spec cards, new in 850 stores spread out over Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, as well as newsletters, print advertising and out-of-home advertising near bus stops.


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