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HeadOffice gives family recipes a contemporary twist for Miele

HeadOffice gives family recipes a contemporary twist for Miele

HeadOffice developed ‘Generations of Taste’ for Miele, a video series in which top chef Seppe Nobels, as Tastemaker, puts traditional recipes - passed down from generation to generation - in a new and refreshing light. 

Every family has a typical family dish that has been passed down from father or mother to son or daughter. It is precisely this culinary heritage that ‘Generations of Taste’ wants to bring into the picture, but with an innovative touch. To give the culinary classics a contemporary twist, HeadOffice hired none other than Seppe Nobels.  

From generation to generation

In ‘Generations of Taste,’ Tastemaker Seppe Nobels invites a different chef or influencer each time to prepare an updated version of their family dish together.  The viewer is also given a nifty trick in each video. In the first video (in June on the Miele website, YouTube channel, and social media pages), Seppe Nobels prepares his own favourite family dish with his mother: konijn op wijze van de haes (hare-style rabbit). The name is a nod to his mother, Hilde Van haesendonck.

On point video content for Miele

With this video format, HeadOffice wants to highlight the generational aspect of cooking, an idea that fits perfectly with the lifelong quality of Miele appliances. The video content with top chef Seppe Nobels will make foodies’ mouths water while pointing out the excellent results you can achieve with Miele kitchen appliances #yourkitchenatitsbest. This concept showcases Miele's innovative approach, which blends seamlessly with the updated family dishes that Seppe and his guests put on the table.

“The family aspect of cooking is beautifully highlighted in ‘Generations of Taste’, with Miele’s kitchen appliances being the perfect complement. From cherishing family meals to sustainable cooking, Seppe Nobels is the perfect match for Miele on many levels. Him cooking for us is the icing on the cake,” says Céline Van den Rijn, Marketing Director Belux at Miele.


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