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HeadOffice attracts two creative top talents: Stijn Jacquemyn and Marc Engels

HeadOffice attracts two creative top talents: Stijn Jacquemyn and Marc Engels

Stijn Jacquemyn and Marc Engels, two established names in the world of advertising, are joining HeadOffice. Stijn as Creative Director and Marc as Head of Content. Proficient profiles who, with their vision, want to strengthen the connection between creation and content even more. At HeadOffice, we’re ready to wow your customers (even more)!

HeadOffice has just recruited four new profiles, and there’s already more good news! The Leuven-based content marketing agency welcomes two creative top talents: Stijn Jacquemyn and Marc Engels.

Stijn Jacquemyn is the new Creative Director at HeadOffice and brings tonnes of experience with him. He worked as Creative Director and Art Director at Kunstmaan for 12 years, but is now ready for a new chapter in his career. At HeadOffice, Stijn dives into many creative campaigns, but there’s more! Together with Evi Malcorps (Client Service Director) and Pieter Berwaerts (Head of Strategy), he is also responsible for the management within HeadOffice.

HeadOffice also welcomes Marc Engels, an experienced man in his field. Marc has already covered a lot of ground and would like to continue to do so. Because he can’t get enough of it, he’s joining HeadOffice as Head of Content. He wants to present a strong and coherent story, in which an eye for quality is key and setting the bar high is a must

“We are very happy to welcome Stijn and Marc to the HeadOffice team. Both men are no strangers to each other, by the way; they have worked closely together in the past. We are looking forward to the creative sparks and are convinced that they will come up with innovative concepts,” says Evi Malcorps, Client Service Director at HeadOffice.

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