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Dacia puts HeadOffice at the wheel for their loyalty platform

Dacia puts HeadOffice at the wheel for their loyalty platform

Renault België Luxemburg asked HeadOffice to give their Dacia Cherry Club website a shiny new bodywork. But HeadOffice also took a look under the hood.

Dacia’s Cherry Club website was already a few years old and urgently needed a profound update. They asked HeadOffice to fresh up the front end design. But the agency took the briefing the extra mile.

Not just the website itself got a new design and a complete new branding, the whole platform was taken care of. HeadOffice built a CMS platform from scratch, super secured and GDPR-proof like no other, as a solid base for the Dacia Cherry Club website. This allowed them to add new sections, automated competition pages and a lot of new content.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of what initially was a pretty straightforward briefing,” says Ingrid Claeys, after-sales communication manager at Renault België Luxemburg. “Not only have we received a renewed website and Dacia Cherry Club logo, the ingenious back end design also gives us a lot of options and future expansion possibilities.”

Take a look at HeadOffice’s cherry on the cake:

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